Personal Training

Here at No Drama | Personal Fitness Training, we offer our services to adults of all fitness levels. Whether you haven't exercised in 5 years or you are a regular exercise junkie who needs direction or assistance with goals or you just want to try something new, we can help you achieve your goals. 
Get the body you WANT and DESERVE today! Why Wait?

We offer free consultations before you start training with us. We tailor plans to each individual client and we can offer a minimum of one session a week.

Group Training

If you are interested in working out with a friend or two, we can provide fun and effective group training sessions which are affordable and suitable for everyone. 

Get in contact for more information and prices

Studio Cycle Classes

Sarah at 'No Drama | Personal Fitness Training,' covers Studio Cycle Classes at various Gyms and sports centers across Cambridgeshire. 

Sarah teaches these regular Studio Cycle Classes: 
 Mondays - 20:15 at Bottisham Sports Centre
Tuesdays - 6:40am at Chesterton Sports Centre
Thursdays - 6:40am at Chesterton Sports Centre
9:30am at Impington Sports Centre
20:20pm at Chesterton Sports Centre
Saturdays - 8:15am at Bottisham Sports Centre

If you enjoy working out in a group to some great music and fun routines on studio bicycles, check out where she is heading next. Drop us a message or keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.   

Aerobics/Exercise to Music

Currently setting up venues, dates and times. Please check back for more info on classes near you!

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

If you want an awesome, quick workout that guarantees buckets of sweat, check out HIIT!!

Sarah at No Drama teaches a regular HIIT Class on:
Mondays at 19:30pm at Bottisham Sports Centre

Circuits and Bootcamp

Sarah at No Drama teaches two regular 50 minute circuits classes at Chesterton Sports Centre on:
 Tuesdays at 18:00pm
Thursdays at 18:30pm 

We at No Drama offer Bootcamp and Circuits classes to groups of 5 and above. Whether you're looking for Hen or Stag weekly wedding prep, a lunchtime office fitness group or simply a workout with a group of friends, get in touch and we will bring the right workout to you!
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